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Jul 18
“I know many mothers who have progressive values and still end up with sons who frequent strip clubs, buy sex from prostituted women, and consume pornography, just like this ‘nice guy’. Obviously this isn’t the fault or the responsibility of the mother. In the end, men are responsible for their own misogynistic behaviour. But if mothers are going to continue to excuse this behaviour, simply because these are their sons and they are committed to denial when it comes to their own family’s complicity in sexism, all the while attacking the women who do take a risk (and as many of you know, calling men out on their behaviour, especially when they are men who are close to you, is extremely risky, as it is very likely that the response will be harsh and that we will be abandoned, rather than supported, by those around us), I can’t help but feel like there is some responsibility in that.” Meghan Murphy (via femalestruggle)

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